Recent Interviews

LAHS hosts Science and Tech Week

Dr Watkins at Los Altos High


I met young mom recently named Gloria Malone. She's truly an inspiration! What a privilege to be interviewed by such a strong, young mom! Visit her site to learn more at Teen Mom NYC.


Tara Jefferson is another young woman who inspires others to be the best parents they can be, no matter what their age. She featured our interview on her website, The Young Mommy Life.

Dr. Melanie Watkins has spoken at the following institutions:

University of Alaska, Anchorage
Averett University, North Carolina
University of Nevada, Reno
Columbia University, New York
Northwestern University, Illinois
Los Altos High School, California
UC Davis School of Medicine, California
Mills College, California
Easter Hill United Methodist, California
Mill Valley Rotary
Progressive Church, College Workshop

Radio Interviews

Gym Rats Health & Fitness radio: LISTEN

Dr. Melanie Watkins is available to speak at high schools, colleges, book clubs and community events. She can lead workshops or give keynote presentations. [note]Book Dr. Watkins[/note]