Reach Your Goals: Follow Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Are you moving forward in your New Year’s Resolutions to Reach Your Goals?

self evaluationIf you’re like most people, you set goals for yourself in the form of Resolutions. The aim was to reach your goals, not just set them!

Maybe you spent significant time vision casting for the future, making promises to yourself and dreaming of a transformation of some kind in 2014. So the question is, after all of that planning and promising, how is it going?

Right now is the right time to do a self-evaluation! Take a break from the studies, from work, from the duties of life to re-visit your list and take another step forward.

In my post at the beginning of the year titled, “New Year’s Resolutions Can Be a Challenge”, I outlined some things you can do to help you stick with your plan.

In my New Year’s article, I suggested getting an accountability buddy. It’s not too late to include that in your plan, especially if you’re a little disappointed that you’re not further along. If you think that it might make all the difference, go ahead and contact that special person in your life that you know would hold you accountable and start the conversation.

I encourage you to evaluate your progress right now so you can make any adjustments necessary to keep your momentum! Don’t be discouraged! You CAN reach your goals! You may just need to give your self a boost right about now!

If you followed any of the advice in my New Year’s post, has it helped you to takes the steps you need to take to move closer to your goals?

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