How To Make Healthy Changes

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Several months back I wrote a post titled, Eating Healthy On the Go and On A Budget. I wrote the post with students in mind, those who are always in a rush, usually on a grab-n-go type of diet.

I sympathize with the fact that it’s tough to eat right when life is coming at you like a freight train! But the reality is, it’s hard to keep up the pace when you’re not taking care of yourself.

What I’ve found, is that starting out with small changes makes the goal of eating healthy much more attainable. Rather than a sudden over-haul to your entire grocery shopping list or life style, just make a substitution here or there.

If you’re always on the run, start by picking one night per week for a sit-down, home cooked meal. Put yourself at the top of the list by making a date with yourself that you refuse break! Then make small adjustments to the food you prepare.

Take rice, for instance. Try switching to black rice instead of white! Its considered a Super Food, rich in antioxidants … even more so than blue berries, and far tastier. That one change alone, especially if you’re partial to rice, can make a big difference.  Black_rice

Once you get in the groove, you can add another small change like introducing another super food to your diet. If you make just one simple change every month, by this time next year, you’ll have created a healthier eating plan without overwhelming yourself in the process!

What other small changes would you suggest to others who are trying to eat more healthy?

Dr. Mel

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