Dr. Watkins' Story from teen mother to physician

From an early age, Melanie Watkins dreamt of becoming a doctor. But when she found herself sixteen and pregnant, that dream suddenly felt very out of reach.


Having been raised by a single mother herself, Melanie knew the challenges of single motherhood all too well. She knew from the very beginning that it would be an uphill climb to raise a child alone, much less continue to pursue her education. How could she make med-school a reality when graduating from High School just got more complicated?

Hers is an inspiring story of faith, perseverance and love.  It's the story of a teenage mother, beating insurmountable odds and the stigma of teenage pregnancy to create a brighter future for herself, her son, and her community. Taking My Medicine is her story of triumph.

Taking My Medicine, From Teen Mother to PhysicianThroughout her journey, Dr Mel drew strength from the kindness of others and the support of those who believed in her. She also drew hope from the fabulous words of encouragement found in writings like, Chicken Soup for the African American Soul, Chicken Soup for the Single’s Soul, Woman’s World Magazine, What I Learned in Medical School: Personal Stories of Young Doctors  and This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine. She encourages you to do the same if you're facing challenges that seem overwhelming.

Melanie Watkins'  memoir speaks to single parents, students of color and disadvantaged youth in the hopes of encouraging them to dream big and reach above their circumstance to make those dreams a reality.

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Taking My Medicine is an example of HOPE for all of us who wish for something beyond our current situation. It needs to be read in every middle school, high school and college reading classroom. All of us need Melanie Watkins' example of strong will, faith, perseverance and epiphanies to success. She didn't give up, she allowed others to help her, she made sacrifices, she didn't accept mediocre expectations all of which created huge paradigm shifts in her life. She is an excellent role model of how one's life can change! Now she is sharing her journey with others through this book. After so much success she could sit back and coast; instead she is beating the drum so others can hear the message: Go for you dream and keep going!

Taking My Medicine: My Journey from Teenage Mother to Physician is an amazingly touching story of a young girls relentless dream to become a doctor through the challenges of life. Dr. Watkins tells her inspiring story of the obstacles and challenges of chasing her dreams. The story is a page turner and an easy read with a wonderful story to inspire many to not give up on their dreams! She touches on powerful messages regarding family, personal finance, relationships, race, class and social injustices, but never giving up on her goal and creative strategies to become a good mother and good physician simultaneously! She shows her readers it is truly possible with hard work and determination! It is a great read for young and old and a story that touches the heart! A must read...I loved it!